Changing Your Lifestyle For Quality Sleep With Polysleep


Buying a mattress online for people across the country is an exciting new option that can bring great benefits in terms of quality, selection and price. With the appearance of more and more brands and models, some clients may not know how to choose the best mattress for their home. We are here to help out you obtain the best mattress at reasonably price. Polysleep, a Montreal-based company, currently offers incredible discounts on its super comfortable mattresses. All of their mattresses are locally made from environmentally friendly materials and use antimicrobial foam, creating a cleaner sleeping surface and eliminating the growth of bacteria and allergens. The Polysleep mattress has an integrated foam support frame that provides better support for better and more restful sleep.

Find the best price on a Polysleep mattress

Polysleep provides three layers of comfort and support on the inside of the mattress, as well as additional support foam that surrounds the mattress on the outside to improve edge support. The cover is water repellent, which can save your mattress if you have an accident. Foam mattresses can develop problems if they get wet. The mattress is ideal for people who sleep with pets but do not want to feel the animal get up during the night. Movement control is excellent; the blanket makes it safer with small dogs that could have accidents in bed. Softness is a delight for a side sleeper. The mattress allows your shoulders and hips to sag so your spine stays aligned while you sleep. Softness means it hugs your curves and allows you to relax while you sleep so your body feels more rested in the morning.

What makes Polysleep unique?

Polysleep is a comfortable foam mattress with a smoothness that gives pressure point release that side sleepers seek at a very reasonable price. People who sleep on their sides will enjoy this mattress for many years and will have a solid 10-year warranty. Combo sleepers will appreciate this mattress as well, as it conforms well enough to the contour of back and stomach sleepers that generally prefer firmer mattresses. The Polysleep mattress is designed with antimicrobial hybrid foam, which helps reduce allergies. It has a built-in proprietary support frame and is 100% made in Canada.

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How is the Polysleep mattress built?

The Polysleep mattress is made of three level of foam with an extra foam wrap around the perimeter of the bed to adjoin support. The cover is water repellent and machine washable. At 10 inches thick, the bed has a medium profile. The Polysleep`s soft cover is ready from a blend of polyester. This cover is water repellent to reduce damage associated with spills. It is machine washable for trouble-free cleaning. The rating of the comfort layer indicates low-density memory foam. Low-density memory foam generally offers slightly less compliance than higher-density memory foam. However, the low ILD rating indicates a feeling of softness, which increases the contour level of the mattress. This soothe layer is also ventilated to encourage superior air circulation. This high-density polyethylene foam provides a barrier between the softest comfort layer and the firmer support layer. The foam base layer consists of a wide polyfoam support core. This comfortable or high-density foam is remarkably firm and supports the rest of the mattress.

Relieve your pressure with the Polysleep mattress

For our pressure relief assessment, they placed a sensory pad on their memory mattress and asked sleepers of various weight groups to lie on it while measuring pressure build-up. The Polysleep mattress provided constant support and foundation for our testers, scoring highly in the pressure relief category. Due to the average mattress feel, our light and medium sleep testers relieved the pressure more. While our heavyweight testers also benefited from pressure relief, they also experienced shoulder and hip drops, creating some discomfort.

How to change your sleep with the Polysleep mattress

The quality of sleep you get affects all areas of your life. When you sleep well, you make better decisions during the day and enjoy more harmonious relationships. A good mattress helps you sleep more, deeper and wake up cooler. The Polysleep memory foam mattress includes motion transfer, so you can sleep without being troubled. The edge support is better than some memory foam mattresses, so you can feel comfortable sleeping closer to the edge. You become depressed when the total weight of an adult is at the limit. The mattress sleeps cool for a memory foam mattress due to airflow enhanced by memory foam ventilation and the mesh sides of the mattress. It`s protected from spills and accidents with a waterproof, soft-touch cover.